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Disability Claims Handling

Assisting You in Handling Disability Claims

Steve German assists professionals and business owners in obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits when the unexpected happens and you cannot work in your chosen profession. Presenting a claim improperly will only make a bad situation worse and create additional hardship at a time when you can least afford it. Your insurance company will deny or refuse to pay a valid disability claim if given any opportunity. We help our clients navigate the claim process, and have obtained tens of millions of dollars in benefits for them over the years.

Why Choose Us

Steve German is a unique, niche law practice that focuses on representing skilled professionals whose long-term disability (LTD) claims are denied. Since the 1990s, our lead attorneys have been handling denied LTD claims in the Phoenix Metro area and throughout the state for various clients including the following:

  • Doctors and Surgeons

  • Dentists and Orthodontists

  • Lawyers

  • Professional Athletes

  • Business Owners

  • Other Medical, Financial, and Specially Trained Professionals

If your insurance carrier is denying your claim, needlessly delaying payments, or acting in bad faith, we will fight for your rights. You can breathe easy knowing that we will demand nothing less than a fair, thorough, and prompt investigation and payment of your claim. We will help ensure that your disability insurance company is held accountable for the harm caused to you and your career by their actions.

When an insurance carrier is acting in bad faith, it is not enough that they pay the benefits that you are owed. You may have suffered financial damage as well as emotional and mental distress. Reimbursement of your benefits is insufficient to make you whole again. For this reason, the law in Arizona recognizes a separate cause of action against disability insurance companies that treat their insured clients unfairly or in bad faith.

You may be entitled to recover extracontractual damages for pain, suffering, decrease in quality of life, damage to credit/reputation, and other injuries and harm caused by a wrongful refusal to honor your claim. In certain circumstances, a court can order the insurance company to pay your attorney costs and punitive damages.

If you can no longer perform the duties of your occupation due to illness or injury, you can turn to us for assistance in pursuing your claim. Our attorneys will protect you from insurance companies that try to intimidate you or make you compromise your entitlement to benefits.

At Steve German, we have handled dozens of disability insurance claims and collected tens of millions of dollars in benefits and damages from insurance companies that refused to pay our clients. When hiring us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by attorneys who have a respectable track record in court.

You can review our additional website pages to assess whether you have a valid claim. We also offer resources that can help you learn more about LTD claim issues including:

  • Maintenance of Your Disability Claim After Your Benefit Payments Have Begun Own-Occupation (Occ) Coverage
  • How to Get Your Claim Paid
  • Disability Insurance Carriers We Commonly Fight
  • Why Insurance Companies Deny Claims
  • How Carriers Collect Evidence Against Claimants With Surveillance Techniques and Social Media Stalking
  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Claim Litigation

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